There are many military time charts that have served in times of war or peace. Generals and soldiers need such military charts to be aware of their special mission. All units of an army need to be organized and synchronized so that all actions are coming like a blast.That is why the military time chart is necessary to exist when deploying. However, there are different uses of such a chart for civilians. Let’s learn how to use such a chart.

Introduction to Military Time

The time chart is a precise copy of all orders given to the soldiers and other officers to fulfill their military duties. Lately, there has been greater debate about the use of the military time chart instead of the conventional one. Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan, India, and Malaysia adopt a 24-hour military time system. In 1941, the USA adopted the Joint Army/Navy radiotelephony alphabet to standardize systems. Since then it is considered as a standard for all military time. Navy seal copypasta is also a pretty interesting phenomenon if you are keen on understanding more about the navy and military.

This system is specifically reserved for military and hence known as military time as well. Let’s understand what military time chart looks like and how civilians use it.

military time chart


What is the Military Time Chart?

The military time chart is the most precise type of measuring time available in a worldwide acceptable format. The hours in a day are counted from 0 to 24 depicting all the possible hour frames. Additionally, there is no need in writing the AM and PM prefixes in front of the previous timetables, since the format has now changed and is recognizable by all parties.

There are multiple benefits of this movement. First, you don’t have to double-check the time. This has been the problem of people giving appointments for many years now. Since you are all communicating in the same language, the military time chart can offer you superb precision.

Not to mention, that the military time chart has been always giving you certain features like:

  • Time accuracy. There is no need to worry about misconceptions. The lack of AM and PM as a prefix gives you confidence that your appointment is not going to be ruined.
  • Best performance. People who are working around the clock do find the military time chart a lot more useful than others who are procrastinating.
  • Perfect synchronization. We all know that some jobs require you to be synchronized with other people. Especially the military actions are supposed to be perfectly synchronized to the closest second. The military time chart has been created to provide better care for all these harsh conditions.

As you may have realized, so far, the adoption of the military time chart has made it possible to evolve human relations to such a point that business can adequately grow. There is no need for extra communication about time. The military time chart is well known and respected in any country in the world.

Uses of Military Time Chart

There are many applications of the military time chart in modern business or leisure activities. First, business owners can easily create a weekly schedule for their employees. This is especially valid for big-scale companies where time accuracy is mostly needed. When using the military time charts, supervisors can know when to expect people to come to work and can also require substitutes to come earlier in case of absence.

Additionally, there is also the application of the military time chart to pharmaceutical and chemical industries where the time passing is extremely important for the quality of the final product. A few minutes more and the chemical reaction may give a totally different result than one demanded.

Another great use of the military time chart would be the transportation industry. Especially in the aviation and train industry, the adoption of the military time chart has been crucial for their further development. All flights can now be booked securely, and the chart is going to automatically calculate the physical hour difference of distant places. This is the only way to make sure you are always on time when flying.

On the other hand, military time charts have lowered the impact of accidents on rail tracks. Train operators can easily calculate the time needed for a train to reach a certain station and can make it easier to avoid impacts on other trains. These are all exceptional uses of the military time charts that have dominated the market and have brought unprecedented growth alongside their appearance.

Convert Standard time to Military Time


Convert Military Time to Standard Time

Military Time Chart

Would you like to convert regular time to military time? Please have a look at the below military time chart to do your conversion

12 Hour Clock (AM/PM) 24 Hour Military Time Chart
12:00 am 0000
1:00 am 0100
2:00 am 0200
3:00 am 0300
4:00 am 0400
5:00 am 0500
6:00 am 0600
7:00 am 0700
8:00 am 0800
9:00 am 0900
10:00 am 1000
11:00 am 1100
12:00 pm 1200
1:00 pm 1300
2:00 pm 1400
3:00 pm 1500
4:00 pm 1600
5:00 pm 1700
6:00 pm 1800
7:00 pm 1900
8:00 pm 2000
9:00 pm 2100
10:00 pm 2200
11:00 pm 2300
12:00 pm 2400


Military Time Zone Chart

It is essential to understand the military time zone chart as well. It will help you understand some code words you might have heard in movies. For example, Alpha, Bravo etc. All such names have certain meanings. Let’s look at the military time zone chart table. NATO phonetic alphabet was used to name the different zones.

military time

Zone Name Time City, Country
A Alpha GMT + 1 Hour Paris, France
B Bravo GMT + 2 Hours Athens, Greece
C Charlie GMT + 3 Hours Moscow, Russia
D Delta GMT + 4 Hours Kabul, Afghanistan
E Echo GMT + 5 Hours New Delhi, India
F Foxtrot GMT + 6 Hours Dhaka, Bangladesh
G Golf GMT + 7 Hours Bangkok, Thailand
H Hotel GMT + 8 Hours Beijing, China
I India GMT + 9 Hours Tokyo, Japan
J Juliet Local Time Local Time Zone
K Kilo GMT + 10 Hours Sydney, Australia
L Lima GMT + 11 Hours Honiara, Solomon Islands
M Mike GMT + 12 Hours Wellington, New Zealand
N November GMT – 1 Hour Azores
O Oscar GMT – 2 Hours Godthab, Greenland
P Papa GMT – 3 Hours Buenos Aires, Argentina
Q Quebec GMT – 4 Hours Halifax, Nova Scotia
R Romeo GMT – 5 Hours New York, NY United States
S Sierra GMT – 6 Hours Dallas, TX United States
T Tango GMT – 7 Hours Denver, CO United States
U Uniform GMT – 8 Hours Los Angeles, CA the United States
V Victor GMT – 9 Hours Juneau, AK United States
W Whiskey GMT – 10 Hours Honolulu, HI United States
X X-Ray GMT – 11 Hours Nome, AK United States
Y Yankee GMT – 12 Hours Suva, Fiji
Z Zulu GMT (Universal Time) Greenwich, England

Our team has compiled an excel time conversion formula for those looking for a quick solution.

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The military time charts have been invented to close the time gap in the men’s kind. Most of the people were trapped in the previous situation when needed to know whether there is an AM or PM prefix when having an appointment. Additionally, you can easily do military time conversion using an automatic converter tool given by us.

When checking at the greatest achievements of men kind, the military time charts are ranking high in the selection. This is because they have managed to measure the most precious asset a man can have: time.

All aspects of modern life are dominated by time passing by. The more people are working around the clock, the most important would be to manage time efficiently and precisely. The art of time management has always been fighting to the inner tension of man to procrastinate. That is why the most successful professionals have always been taking into account the military time chart.