1600 Military Time – Steps to Convert 4 PM to Zulu Time

Trying to decode 1600 military time and still, you do not get the standard time. If yes then we are here to helping out you. Generally, this type of time format used by military personnel to avoid the time-related confusion. But when a military person uses 1600 in military time while communicating with you, then you might stop him and try to decode this time.

Due to less knowledge about military time and its conversion methods, you can’t convert it to regular time. Military time follows the 24-hour time format in which days start at 00 and ends at 23. This time format uses 4 digit code followed by hours that varies from our standard time format. Unlike a 12-hour time format, military time does not use AM and PM postfix and a colon to separate the hours and minutes.

So, when you decode 1600 military you will get 4 PM in standard time.

 What is 1600 Military Time?

As the name goes Military time is mostly used in the armed forces. This was mainly introduced in order to eliminate any kind of confusion while informing schedule details to others. When it’s been used properly it will also eliminate the necessity to specify whether an action or an event is taking place at PM or AM.

As there might is confusion and some of us may mistake AM for PM or PM for AM in a conversation or a written document. So, to avoid this confusion, the military develops one new time system called military time.  This time is also known as 24-hour time or the 24-hour clock because the system works from 0-24 unlike 0-12. Another difference between the military time and standard time is that it doesn’t have a colon to separate hours from minutes.

As we discussed above, the military time comes in 4 digits like 1600 hours military time. And when it is converted to the standard time, it will be 4 PM. This timing mainly followed and expressed by the military and emergency services like firefighting, law enforcement, paramedics, and hospitals. So, in such agencies, 1600 military time has been read as 4 PM in standard time.

1600 military time

Here it’s the 24- hour clock in which the day will be running from midnight to next midnight and they divide time only into 24 hours and it’s been indicated by the passing hours since midnight. This is widely used time notation all around the world today and is also used in international standards. Certain countries may also use the combination of both 12-hour clock as well as the 24-hour clock.

1600 Military Time Conversion

The professionals mainly prefer a 24- hour clock by which they can easily manage their timings and improve their productivity. Converting the military time to standard time is very easy and anyone can do it.

When the Military time is less than 1200 you just need to format it by introducing the colon in between as shown, XX: XX and need to add AM after it. When the military time is greater than 1200 you need to add colons in between XX: XX and then subtract 1200 from it. Once the subtracted number is obtained, you need to add PM after it. To understand this is an easy way, let us take one example.

Example: what does 1600 mean in military time?

To convert 1600 military time to standard time, follow the above-given procedure.

  • Check your given time is greater than 1200 or not.
  • In our case, 1600 is greater than 1200.
  • Perform 1600-1200= 400
  • Add a colon between the hour and minutes i.e. 4:00
  • At last, add PM at the end of the time.
  • Finally, you will get 4:00 PM, which is equal to 1600 in military time.

Using this simple mathematical formula, you can easily convert any military time, which is greater than 1200, to standard time. For the military to standard time conversion, you can also use a military time chart of 1600 military time by which you can easily know you 12 hour time without any calculation.

12- Hour Time 24-Hour Military Time
3:00 PM 1500 hours
4:00 PM 1600 hours
5:00 PM 1700 hours
6:00 PM 1800 hours
7:00 PM 1900 hours
8:00 PM 2000 hours
9:00 PM 2100 hours
10:00 PM 2200 hours
11:00 PM 2300 hours

If you are not able to understand how to convert the military time to the standard 12 hours time you can also check out our Military Time Converter article by you will get a complete idea about how to convert 1600 military time to standard easily.

You can also use our army time converter tool by which you can easily convert the time. In this tool, you just need to enter the military time to convert it to standard time or enter standard time to get the military time. Military time accepted worldwide and this is the reason why most of them prefer to read the time in this format. It’s very easy and simple to learn and use to communicate well particularly when you are in an army or a mission etc.

Writing military time will also vary from one organization to another and their professional groups. Most of the military and emergency services like hospitals write military time in the form of hours and minutes without separating them colon and adding the hours after the time. When seconds have been shown it will be separated with a colon like 1331:42 hours. There are different sources of military time like the digital wristwatches as well as the 24- hour clocks that are used for the military time.

How to Read 1600 Military or 4 PM in Military Time?

Most of the watches provide you with both the options wherein you can either switch to the 24 hours military time or the standard 12 hours time. The military time is very easy to read and write when compared to the standard time. It’s a time which uses 24 hours a day rather than grouping into two 12 hours per day.

Here in the military time the hours actually go from 0 to 23 hours. Unlike the standard time, this time do not distinguish timing between the beginning of the day or end. Using military time one will let you know the exact timing without any kind of confusion. When you follow military time there is no room for any error to occur. This is the reason why most of the emergency services in Canada and the US follow military time.

Standard Time Military Time Pronunciation
4:00 PM 1600 hours Sixteen Hundred Hours
4:15 PM 1615 hours Sixteen Fifteen Hours
4:30 PM 1630 hours Sixteen Thirty Hours
4:45 PM 1645 hours Sixteen Forty-Five Hours

The military time format is different from the regular 24 hours format as here you won’t be using colons to separate hours from minutes. One pronounces military time differently than the standard time. For 0800 hours it’s pronounced as zero eight hundred hours, for 1230 hours it is pronounced as twelve-thirty hours, 1600 military hours pronounced as Sixteen Hundred Hours, etc.

Most of the computers in certain countries also show this 24-hour notation by default. This can be used generally in text-based interfaces. The term military time is just a synonym of 24 hours clock. Even those who are into astronomy, meteorology, navigation, tourism will also make use of the 24-hour clock. Hours are always in a hundred and not thousand. 1000 is pronounced as ten hundred and not one thousand.

What is 4 PM Military Time?

We all know the military follows the 24-hour time format in which there is no use of AM/ PM and a colon. So, if you ask What is 4 PM military time? Or what is 4:30 pm military time? then your question is incorrect. This mistake may be possible because you do not have enough knowledge about Zulu time. Instead of these, you may ask what’s 4 pm in military time? or what is 4:30 pm in military time?

Just like you convert military time to standard time, you can also convert standard time to military time using military time and simple mathematical formula. So, if you want to convert the standard time to military time you should not do too many calculations.

If the standard time is earlier than the 12: 00 PM just remove the colon as well as AM. For example, 8:00 AM is your standard time then your military time for 8:00 AM is 0800 hours.

When the standard time is greater than 12:00 PM, which is 4 PM you have to add 12 to the given time and use 4 digits format to get your army time.

4 PM military time

For example, if you want to convert 4 pm to military time then follow the below steps.

  • Add 12 to a given time.
  • 4:00 PM + 12= 16:00 PM
  • Now remove a colon and PM
  • Finally, you will get 1600 hours for 4:00 PM Military Time.

This is very simple when the given standard does not have any minutes or seconds. But what if your given standard time has minutes. Do the same above process for this conversion also.

For example, what is 4:30 pm military time?

  • Add 12 to a given time.
  • 4:30 PM + 12= 16:30 PM
  • Now remove a colon and PM
  • Finally, you will get 1630 hours for 4:30 PM Military Time.

From this blog, you know 1600 Military time and how to convert it to regular time. 24- hours time format is not only for military or army person, but you can also use this time to improve your performance. So, try to make a habit of using 24 hour time in your daily life for flawless synchronization.

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