1800 Military Time – Convert 6 PM Time to Zulu Time Hours

Do you know how to decode the 1800 military time jargon? It might be possible that you listen to this jargon in Hollywood movies when two military men talking about their secret mission. While watching many of us do not understand what they want to say.  But by having the knowledge of military time and its conversion methods one can easily decode this jargon.

Many people are not aware of what is 1800 in military time, what it indicates in regular time? In order to get familiar with Military Time properly, it is important to understand the History of Military Time. Origin of Military Time dates back to thousands of years before it was popularized as “Military Time”.

What is 1800 Hours Military Time?

Military time, as it sounds is the conventional way for most militaries of telling time. Military forces used this time to eliminate any scope for confusion when transmitting scheduling information use it.

When using Military time, there is no need to specify AM or PM notation with a time of the day. This practice has been developed to remove every possibility of mistakes regarding switching between AM or PM on a written document or in a conversation accidentally as it could be devastating in military situations.

With Military Time, there is no scope for confusion as the time does not repeat itself twice in a single day (3 PM or 3 AM), but it allows counting after midday at 12 o’clock with numbers from 13 to 24. For example, 1800 military time means 6 PM in the evening and 2000 hours means 8:00 PM in the evening.1800 in Military Time

Convert 1800 Hours Military Time to Standard Time

Standard time is calculated by deducting 1200 from the military time. If your boss in the military asks you to report at 1800 military time, just deduct 1200 from it and the standard time is deducted as 6 PM. So, 1800 hrs military time is equal to 6 PM in 12 hours time. But if you do not like to calculate time 1800 military time, then you can use the below table by which you can easily know your standard time without any calculations.

1400 To 1800 Military Time Table

Military Time 24-hour Time Regular Time
1400 hours 14:00 2:00 PM
1500 hours 15:00 3:00 PM
1600 hours 16:00 4:00 PM
1700 hours 17:00 5:00 PM
1800 hours 18:00 6:00 PM

Using the above the table of 1800 army time, one can easily predict their regular time with 24-hour time. You can also use our military time converter to convert military time to standard time vice versa.

Military time is also popular as a 24 hour time or a 24-hour clock. This system goes from 0-24, contrary to 0-12. It also looks different from how we write standard time as it does include a colon between the hours and the minutes. Military time is always written in four digits (i.e. 0350 and 1143), as opposed to standard time, which can be written in two halves separated by a colon (i.e. 3:50 AM and 11:43 AM).

Convert 1800 in Military Time to 6 PM Standard Time

As we discussed above while converting army time to standard there is no use of AM or PM notation and colon. Converting 24 hour time to 12 hour time, you have to subtract 1200 from the given time if it is greater than 1200.  To understand it systemically, let’s take an example by which you can get the complete idea of this.

Example: Suppose you have 1845 military time and want to convert it to standard, then you have to follow the below process.

  •  Perform subtraction if the given time is greater than 1200. In our case, 1845 is greater than 1200.
  •  1845-1200= 645
  •  Add colon between the hour and minutes with PM.
  •  Your standard time for 1845 military time is 6:45 PM.

What is 6:00 PM in Military Time?

If you want to convert from military to standard time, this is pretty simple. When the standard time is in “AM” than by removing the colon and AM you can easily convert to military time. But in case regular time is in PM than you need to add 12 to the given time and write it without colon and PM. Let’s take an example by which you can easily understand how to convert standard time to military time.

1800 Military Time

Example: What is 6:30 pm in military time?

  • The first check given time is in AM or PM. In our example, it is in PM.
  • Perform addition of 6:30+12= 18:30 PM
  • Remove colon and PM.
  • 6 30 pm military time = 1830 hours.

How to Write and Read 1800 Military Time or 6 PM Military Time?

There is little confusion regarding how to express the midnight time whether 2400 or 0000 will be the correct method to refer to midnight timing. As we know military time follows 4 digits code. This time format does not follow XX: XX AM/PM format.

Military and emergency services personnel generally use both ways. However, digital watches and clocks display the time in 24-hour format and computer equipment consider midnight as the beginning of a new day and refer it as 0000.

Read 1800 Military Time

Using the above details one can easily write military time but did you know how to read military time?  Just like reading standard time, you can easily read this time. In Zulu time, 0 is pronounced as Zero or oh. For instance, 0000 can be read as Zero Zero Zero Zero or Oh Oh Oh Oh, 1111 read as Eleven Eleven Hours. If you want to read 1815 then you can read this as Eighteen Fifteen Hours.  Below give a table by which you can read 6 PM Military Time easily.

Regular (12-hours) Time Military Time Pronunciation
6:00 PM 1800 hours Eighteen Hundred Hours
6:15 PM 1815 hours Eighteen Fifteen Hours
6:30 PM 1830 hours Eighteen Thirty Hours
6:45 PM 1845 hours Eighteen Forty-Five Hours

What is Military Time?

Researchers found the 24 hours’ time format that is now referred to as Military Time was originated in the Egyptian era. It is found that ancient Egyptians used this format in the Astronomical system of decans. The system was widely used by astronomers, navigators, and scientists for many years. There are plenty of examples of Military Time that have been practiced throughout history.

American lawyer and astronomer Lewis M. Rutherfurd at the International Meridian Conference in 1884, proposed that people should start using Military Time in their day to day lives. Between the years 1889 to 1915, many resolutions passed and proved if countries should use Military Time as the Standard Time as this time system (24 hours) is the same to the time that the earth needs to revolve around its own axis.

Origin of Army Times

In 1886, the Canadian Pacific Railway train at Port Arthur started using the 24-hour clock. A few years later in 1893, Italy is the first country that adopted the 24-hour clock nationally. This system was simple to read, and it has since been in practice for many years to make it easier for people to understand the time accurately.

The French Army also started using this system in 1909 whereas the rest of France did take a few years more to start using 24-hour clock and finally it was in 1912 when the whole country adopted this new system. The British Royal Navy began using the 24-hour clock system during the First World War in1915.

The use of the new time system in the United Kingdom has risen gradually since the beginning of the 20th century, though initiatives to make the system official failed several times. In 1934, BBC switched to the 24-hour clock system for broadcasting announcements and program schedules.

Why is 24-Hour Clock Known as Military Time?

The 24-hour clock is referred to as “military time” mostly in English speaking region of the United States and Canada. The main reason behind this is, as we generally follow the 12-hour clock system instead of the 24-hour clock system.

But this system is particularly followed by armed forces as well as other authoritative areas of a country for example; meteorology, aviation, navigation, emergency services and also astronomy.

Other Time Formats Used by Professionals

Besides that, there are few other types of formats that are used by different professions and types of organizations when it comes to writing Military Time. The military organizations, emergency services as well as hospitals generally write military time as hours and minutes without adding a colon and include the word “hours” afterward.

But while writing the time down to the second, it is a common practice to insert a colon between the minutes and seconds as hours minutes: seconds. For example: 1341:32 or 13:41:32 hours

In science and engineering, the colons are frequently inserted between the hours, minutes, and seconds Just like hours: minutes (For example 13:41) and hours: minutes: seconds (For example 13:41:32).

Reading this blog, you can easily convert 1800 military time to standard time. Using the above steps, you can easily convert 24-hour time to 12-hour time without much effort.

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