1900 Military Time – Steps to Convert 7 PM to Zulu Time

Do you have any idea about what is 1900 military time? If no then you are at the place. To know about 1900 hours, you need to know about military time and its conversion methods. But do not worry in this article we mention the complete detail about what is 1900 in military time and how to convert it to standard 12 hour time.

Basically , military time is based on 24 hours of clock notation. This is just like that of the 24-hour clock notation of civilians. Here you will get to know how to read 1900 in military time and convert into the standard time of AM or PM.

After joining the military, if someone gives you time, you may get confused initially. But doing a mathematical calculation for a few seconds, you may come to know exactly what time you are being asked to report. If you are not grown up in the military household you may not be familiar with such time charts.

What is 1900 Military Time?

Based on the above details, you know military works on 24-hour time format in which day starts from 0000 and ends at 2400 which is different from our regular time. In standard time to differentiate morning and evening, we use AM and PM postfix after time. At the same time, we do not use this postfix with the military because it follows a special 4 digits format.

1900 military time

So 1900 army time is equal to 7 PM in standard time. By reading this, you may try to decode this. But without having the knowledge and techniques of conversion, you cannot perform the conversion. To convert military time to standard time, you have to know basic addition and subtraction.

If the time crosses 1200 or greater or equal to 1200 then it’s a little bit hard to get the regular AM or PM timing. In this case, you need to subtract 1200 from the given military time. Once you are done with it, then add a colon between minutes and hours. After that, add PM at the end of the time.


Consider that the military time is 1900 or you can say nineteen hundred hours and you want to convert 1900 military time to standard time. So, to convert 1900 hours military time to 12-hour time, you just need to subtract 1200 from 1900 and then can add a colon between the hours and minutes. Once you are done with the step you can add PM at the end of the time.

  • 1900 -1200= 700 hours
  • 700+ := 7:00
  • 7:00 + PM= 7:00 PM
  • So, 1900 in military time = 7:00 PM in standard time

Consider one more example to convert 1930 in military time to standard time.

  • 1930 > 1200 hours or not.
  • If it is greater than 1200 than do 1930 – 1200.
  • 1930 – 1200 gives you 730.
  • Add a colon between the hour and minute i.e. 7:30.
  • At last add PM at the end of time
  • So, 1930 military time = 7:30 PM in regular time

But this only work when given time is greater or equal to 1200. When the military time is 1200 or less than, then you should simply add AM and colon between hours and minutes. So, if your military time is 900 then your standard time is 9:00 AM.

Decode 1900 Military Time Using Military Time Chart

Using a simple mathematical formula, you can easily convert army time to standard time. Other than the mathematical method, you can also use military time chart and military time converter to convert both the time vice versa. Using both methods, one can easily convert time without too much effort.

Regular Clock Format (AM/PM) Military Time Clock
12:00 AM 0000 or 2400 hours
1:00 AM 0100 hours
2:00 AM 0200 hours
3:00 AM 0300 hours
4:00 AM 0400 hours
5:00 AM 0500 hours
6:00 AM 0600 hours
7:00 AM 0700 Hours
8:00 AM 0800 hours
9:00 AM 0900 hours
10:00 AM 1000 hours
11:00 AM 1100 hours
12:00 PM 1200 hours
1:00 PM 1300 Hours
2:00 PM 1400 hours
3:00 PM 1500 hours
4:00 PM 1600 hours
5:00 PM 1700 hours
6:00 PM 1800 hours
7:00 PM 1900 hours
8:00 PM 2000 hours
9:00 PM 2100 hours
10:00 PM 2200 hours
11:00 PM 2300 hours

In this way, you can convert the military time to regular timings and vice versa depending on your requirements and necessity. The military time is mostly used by the army as well as in particular special areas such as firefights or a medical personal. It will be easy for anyone to convert the military time to the regular ones by following the military time chart or by simply following the specified rules.

What’s 7 PM in Military Time?

In civil society, we generally break up the 24 hours time zone into AM and PM. AM denotes time from midnight till noon and PM indicated time from noon till midnight. But on the other hand, Zulu time denotes a 24 hours clock which begins at midnight and is symbolized as 0000 hours. 1 AM is symbolized as 0100 hours and 2 AM is referred to as 0200 hours. Accordingly, 1900 hours referred to like 7 PM.

So, in the military circuit, if anybody gives you time at 7 PM, he will refer to it as 1900 hours or popularly known as 1900 military time. If the commander wants you to report at 7 PM, he will ask you to report at 1900 hours sharp.7 PM in Military Time

Based on the table you can easily know your military time for given standard time. But when you want to convert standard time to military time using the mathematical formula you need to do some calculations.

To convert standard time to military time, first check your 12 hour time is in PM or AM. If it is in PM then add 12 to given standard time. After adding 12, remove a colon and PM from the time. So, if you want to know what is military time for 7 PM then 7 PM Military Time = 1900 hours in military time.

If you want to know the complete steps behind this calculation then let’s take another example.

 Example:  What is 7:30 PM in military time?

  • Check your time is in PM or AM.
  • In our case, time is in PM. So, add 12 to the given time.
  • 7:30 PM + 12 = 19:30 PM
  • Now remove a colon and PM.
  • Finally, your military time for 9:30 PM is 1930 hours.

1900 Military Time/ 7 PM Standard Time Chart with Phonetic Alphabet

As far as the time zone is concerned the military uses the Greenwich Mean Time of England, precisely known as GMT as reference. But the US military refers to the time zone as Zulu Time Zone and has attached the word Z as a suffix to their chart.

If the military finds that their time difference is a lot from GMT, they will have to transfer the time to their zone and calculate the local time accordingly. During the Daylight Savings Time (popularly referred to as DST), the Eastern Coast of USA will be referred to by the letter Q (Quebec).

Military Alphabets Phonetic Alphabets City or Country Standard Time Military time with Phonetic Alphabet Time Zone
N November Azores 11:00 PM 2300N GMT- 1 hour
O Oscar Godthab, Greenland 10:00 PM 2200O GMT- 2 hours
P Papa Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00 PM 2100P GMT- 3 hours
Q Quebec Halifax, Nova Scotia 08:00 PM 2000Q GMT-4 Hours
R Romeo New York, NY, US 07:00 PM 1900R GMT-5 Hours
S Sierra Dallas, TX United States 06:00 PM 1800S GMT-6 Hours

Based on the above table, you can easily know your Zulu time or standard time with the phonetic alphabet. For 1900 military time the Zulu time is 1900R in which R referred to as Romeo and New York, NY, and US Country. Each military alphabet refers to a different country or city in the USA.

I hope you will find the methods mentioned in this article are easy to convert 1900 Military time to standard time and 7 PM in Military time to 24-hour time. If you are still confused then you can refer our 1800 Military time article or 2100 Hours in Military Time, where you can find an explanation on how to convert both the times vice versa.

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