2100 Military Time – How to Convert 9 PM Time to Army Time

Have you ever heard about 2100 military time? This type of jargon generally used by military personnel when they are on their special mission. When you heard this type of word then do a quick calculation in your mind. But due to lack of knowledge about military time and its conversion methods you fail to convert it to regular time.

To convert 2100 hours military time to regular time, you need to grow up in the military family. For a normal layman, it is difficult to decode this time. But using some simple method of time conversion you know 21 hours military time = 9 PM in standard time.

What is 21 Military Time?

Are you interested to learn the technique to convert 2100 Military time to standard time? The quick answer would be 9 PM in standard time. Using the below table you can easily know what is standard time for 21 in military time? This table shows the standard time for your military time and 12-hour time for Zulu time.

Standard Time 24-Hour Time Zulu Time
8:00 PM 20:00 2000 hours
9:00 PM 21:00 2100 hours
10:00 PM 22:00 2200 hours
11:00 PM 23:00 2300 hours

But in order to calculate it yourself just follow some simple mathematical process.

Convert 21 Military Time to Standard Time

Converting military time is pretty simple to learn. You just need to separate the day in two parts that are the time before noon and the time afternoon. Once the standard time reaches 12:00 PM which is 1200 military time it gets a little tricky to translate the time into military time.

Hence, to convert 2100 military time or “twenty-one hundred hours” to standard time just subtract 1200, add then put a colon between the hours and minutes. Lastly, add a PM to the end. You can add PM to the end of any military time that is 1200 or greater.

First step (Subtract 1200)

2100 – 1200 = 900

Second step (Add a colon between hours & minutes)

900 + : = 9:00

Third and final step (Add PM in the end)

9:00 + PM = 9:00PM

So, 2100 Military Time means 9:00 PM in standard time. Using the above simple steps, you can easily convert any military time to 12-hour time. You use a table and mathematical formula, one can easily convert 21 hundred military times to standard time. If you do not want to use both, then using our 2100 Military Time Converter tool you can easily get your standard time or military time.

In this converter, you will only enter your time and click on the convert button. So, using one click you will get your time.

How to Read 2100 Military Time or 9 PM in Military Time?

Standard Time Army Time Pronunciation
9:00 PM 2100 hours Twenty One Hundred Hours
9:15 PM 2115 hours Twenty-One Fifteen Hours
9:30 PM 2130 hours Twenty-One Thirty Hours
9:45 PM 2145 hours Twenty-One Forty-Five Hours

Based on the above table you will get an idea about how to read military time. We know this time format follows 4 digits format. As per military 9 PM known as 2100 military hours and it is pronounced as Twenty one hundred. While pronouncing this it looks as you are talking about money but it is not the case. In the military, it is pronounced as Twenty One Hundred Hours. So, anyone can easily read this time without any specialization

2100 Military Time.

What’s 9 PM in Military Time?

Using a table and converter, you can easily convert the standard time to military time. But if you do not have all this and you want to convert standard time to military time then how you convert. So, by following some simple steps you can easily convert the 12-hour time to Zulu time. So, let have a look.

First step (Add 12 to given time)

9:00 PM +12= 21:00 PM

Second step (Remove colon between hours & minutes)

21:00 – : = 2100 PM

Third and final step (Remove PM in the end)

2100 PM – PM = 2100

So, the military time for 9 pm is 2100 hours.

The Story Behind Military Time

Generally, two types of “time” systems are used worldwide. One is a 12-hour clock (mostly used by Americans) and the second type is 24-hour clock (Military Time). The 24-hour time system came into existence long before the United States military implemented it.  During 2100 B.C., Egyptians were the first to organize time according to the patterns their astronomers observed in constellations.

Though hours were not divided into 60-minute segments during that period, an entire day was divided into 24-hour chunks.  After different adaptations and revisions, the United States Navy started using the 24-hour system in 1920 and in 1942 the U.S. army began following it.

Military time notation is represented by the 24-hour clock system. It is akin to the civilian 24-clock notation which was used by some European countries with the difference that the colon is not used here and the leading zero is written out always.

To denote a time the format they used was hhmm, where hh (0-23) signifies for full hours that passed since midnight, mm (00-59) shows the number of minutes that have passed following the last full hour. Military time is mostly used by the army. But it is not limited to armed forces. It is also used in a multitude of professions, government entities, and industries. Emergency services such as fire fighting or medical personnel also utilize this time system.9 pm military time

Military Time- A Brief Description


Military time utilizes two double-digit numbers.  The first number starts from 00 and runs up to 23. It signifies the hour of the day.  The second number starts at 00 and goes up to 60. It denotes the minutes passed after a full hour.  Sometimes a third set is also used which refers to the seconds and it starts from 0 and runs through 60.

Each day is divided into 24-hour segments and the cycle starts at midnight. For example, 00 denotes midnight while 01 denotes 1 a.m., and so on.  Afternoon or 12 p.m., the numbers system changes and instead of writing 1 PM military time refers to it as 1300; the hour of 2 p.m. is written as 1400, 9 pm is referred to as 2100 military time and so on. Midnight or 12 AM is referred to as either 2400 or 0000.  Digital clocks/watches, as well as computers, always show it as 0000.

The time is often expressed in hours and minutes without using any punctuation.  The word “hours” as a rule follows.  For instance, the standard time 10:10 AM would be written as 1010 hours in military time.  When seconds are denoted, a colon is attached after the minutes.

For example, + 20 seconds after 1010 Military time would be written as 1010:20 hours in military time. Some groups may slightly differ in their usage.  For example, science and engineering groups prefer to use a colon between hours, minutes, and seconds.  In the above example, they would write it as 10:10:20 hours.

Purpose of Using Military Time

What is the reason behind using a time system which is so different from that of most civilians generally use?  The majority of people who prefer this system over the standard civilian system would probably say it is more specific and dependable.  It decreases the chance of mistakes. It is not rare that many of us miss our wake up alarm just because we accidentally set it for PM rather than AM.

Military time is always used in situations that require precision in time, for example in hospitals, where patients are required to be given medicine at specific times of a day.  While 0900 hours signifies only one specific time, which is 9 o’clock in the morning, referring to it as 9:00 means to two which is both morning and night. If the nurse becomes confused regarding the exact time due to the absence of AM or PM the outcome can be detrimental to a patient’s health.

Military time is also helpful for those who are staying and working in polar climates.  Since the extreme climate causes the daytime to be either too long or much longer during a single 24 hour day, confusion over time can occur with a recurring 12-hour system of the time.

And certainly, precision is extremely important in the military.  Since bases and personnel are located worldwide and they are from different time zones, any single standardized and simplified system of time is indispensable in such a situation.

Reading this blog, you will come to know that 2100 military time is equal to 9 pm standard time. Using methods and tables one can convert any military time to standard time and regular time to 24-hour time vice versa. For more articles like 1700 military time refer to our site.

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