2200 Military Time – Convert 10 PM Standard Time to Army Time

When someone asks you what is 2200 military time? Then you may wait for a few seconds and try to convert it to regular time. But without having knowledge of the military time conversion method you do not convert 2200 hours in standard time.

This type of conversion generally used by armed forces and military personnel while talking about their special mission. When any military person asks you reporting at 2200 hour then you have to report at 10:00 PM sharp.

 2200 hours in military time refers to 10 PM in standard time. By reading this, you may think about how to decode any military time to 12-hours time. To decode any military time, there are three techniques and all these methods are very easy. So, do you want to convert 2200 military time to normal time? then read the complete article. 

What is 2200 Military Time?

We know military time follows 24 hours clock timing system, in which day starts at 0000 and ends at 2300. This time is very different from our regular time in which the day starts at 01 and ends at 12. Other than this, military time uses a 4 digits number system to represents time like 2200 or 0000.

The public generally breaks a day into 12 hours each and is differentiate with AM or PM. These two denote the 12 hours during day i.e. morning, afternoon or evening. Military time is actually calculated based on the 24-hour clock that begins from midnight that is denoted in 0000 hours and ends at 2359 hours.

2200 military time

Know What Exactly 2200 Military Time Means

Generally, people misplace AM and PM while writing or communicate with others. The benefit of following military time format is that it’s very easy to follow and you need not make use of AM or PM, unlike the regular time. You will not be having the regular time label numbers i.e. from 1 to 12 in order to identify hours in a day. When you look at the military time for 12 PM it is 1200 hours, 1 PM is 1300 hours that is still 10 PM i.e. 2200 hours.

If you want to see the 2200 military time by converting into the regular time, you need to understand two concepts clearly and that is,

  • If Military Time > 1200 hours, then your regular time is in PM.
  • When Zulu time < 1200 hours then your 12-hour time is in AM.

When your army time is less than 1200 or 12 then it is very easy for you to convert it to standard time. In this, you are nothing to do. You just add a colon and AM at the end of the time. For example, if your military time is 1000 hours and you want to know what this time indicates in standard time. For that, simply put a colon and AM after the time. So, 1000 in military time= 10:00 AM in standard time. 

But when your military time is greater than 1200 then you need to subtract 1200 from a given time. After that, add a colon between the hour and minutes and PM at the end of time. For example, what 2200 in military time is indicated in 12 hour time? So, to convert military time to standard time lets us follow simple steps.

  • Check 2200 > 1200 or not.
  • In our case, it is greater than 1200.
  • So, perform 2200 – 1200 = 1000
  • Now do 1000+: = 10:00
  • At last 10:00+PM= 10:00 PM
  • So, you will get 10:00 PM for 2200 hours military time.

This is how the military time calculated and it will prevent any kind of confusion that may arise when you are communicating through phone or putting it down on a document. If you want to see how 1900 hours convert to standard time then you can refer our article 1900 military time

Convert 1800 To 2200 Military Time Using Chart

12 Hour Time Military Time
6:00 PM 1800 hours
7:00 PM 1900 hours
8:00 PM 2000 hours
9:00 PM 2100 hours
10:00 PM 2200 hours
11:00 PM 2300 hours

Using military time chart one can easily predict their standard time for the military time and Zulu time for their regular time. In this, you do not perform any calculations just like above.

When compared to the standard time, military time uses the standard that does not provide any space for confusion and this is the reason why military time is internationally recognized and has huge uses in various sectors.

How to Read 2200 in Military Time?

The militants use the local time for their personal reference. When the military time has to be written on a particular official report, it will be written as 0700 hours or zero seven hundred and it has been converted to regular time, it means 7:00 AM. When it is 1500 hours or fifteen hundred hours, it means 3:00 PM. If it is 2200 military time or Twenty-Two Hundred Hours then it will give you 10 PM when converted to the regular time.

Speaking out the military time is different from that of regular time and it seems that you are actually talking about money as it’s read in terms of hundreds. Even there are 4 digits in military time it’s not read as thousands. Instead of thousand, you only use hundreds while reading this time. When the military time starts with 0 being the first digit like 0100 then it is read as zero-one hundred hours. If military time includes minutes as in the case of 0230 then it is 2:30 AM in regular time and it will be read as zero two-thirty or Zero Two Hundred thirty.

Standard Time Zulu Time Pronunciations
10:00 PM 2200 hours Twenty-two Hundred Hours
10:15 PM 2215 hours Twenty-two Fifteen Hours
10:30 PM 2230 hours Twenty-two Thirty Hours
10:45 PM 2245 hours Twenty-two Forty-Five Hours

When you look at the time from 1000 to 2400 with no minutes included like 1000 i.e. 10 AM will be read as ten hundred or ten hundred hours in military time. It’s the hours + hundreds. When the time includes minutes like 1345, which is 1:45 PM it will be read as thirteen forty- five when it’s in military time.

Saying military time loud is entirely different. Zero is also pronounced as oh when you are telling the military time. If you aren’t aware of military time then it would definitely go over your mind. Those who are into the military with the 24-hour clock most commonly use this. Even the pilot uses military time in order to stay grounded chronologically. The astronauts use military time in order to measure the star charts. The meteorologists also use it to have a tab on storms. The transit workers in order to schedule the trains and plot timetables have also used the time. The research scientists also make use of military time to have a track on their studies. 10 PM military time

What is 10 PM in Military Time?

After knowing the method to convert military time to standard time, you can easily do the conversion. But when any ask what military time for a particular standard time then again you may confuse. Many of us are looking for what is 10 PM military time or 10:30 PM military time. Instead of asking this question, you may ask what is 10 o’clock pm in military time?

Generally, we all make this mistake. Just like converting military to standard time, you need to perform some calculation to convert 12-hours time to 24-hours time. For conversion, first, check your time is in AM or PM. It is in PM then you need to add 12 to the given time. After that, remove colon and PM from your resulted time. By this, you may not get a clear idea about this. So, let us understand this by taking an example.

Example: What is 10:30 PM in Military Time?

  • Check your time is in PM or AM.
  • In our example 10:30 is in PM.
  • Add 12 to given time. 
  • 10:30 PM + 12 = 22:30 PM
  • Remove colon and PM.
  • Finally, 2230 is military time for 10:30 PM.

So, it is as simple as you convert military time to standard time. In the above example, our time is in PM, but if it is in AM then it is very simple to predict your army time. For example, 2:30 AM is your regular time and you want to know your military time for this. Then 0230 hours is military time for 2:30 AM. However, in case you have 10:50 PM then 10:50 PM in military time = 2250 hours.

Instead of doing the calculation, you may use a military time converter to convert Zulu Time to Standard time vice versa.  

Why You Should Use Military Time?

Military time is accepted internationally and this is the reason why it’s important to learn about military time. If you aren’t aware of it, it could be difficult for you to understand. This is the best way with which you can avoid the slightest margin of error that could be possible while using the 12- hour time. Just consider a case where you or your friend is in ICU and need specified medication which has to be taken daily at 10:00 PM. 

Though the doctor had written, the prescription along with the instructions nurse might not be able to read out the doctor’s writings and she might misread P for A and administers the drug at the wrong time. There will be a gap of 12 hours after which you have taken the medicine and you have actually taken 12 hours before then the specified time by the doctor. So, this kind of situation will be avoided when you go for military time.

There are several devices that work on the military system as well as clocks that can be changed from one- time system to another. If you want to go for military time, you can also change the setting on your mobile phone, computer, tablet or even the microwave so that it can show you the 24-hour clock.

Once you start following the military time regularly you will definitely get used to it and it becomes normal for you. You can also go for the analog watches to sports if you are committed. You can use the military metric system as much as you can adjust to your comfort levels. If you don’t want to learn and feel it’s a bit tough for you then you can check out the military time online.

I hope you will get enough details about How to 2200 in military time relates to 10:00 PM at the regular time clock. So, using any method one can convert their time to military time and 24-hour time to standard time without occupying your so much time.

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