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Yusra Mardini who a year ago was gueet for her life. The author was a medical statistician named Halbert Dunn. The book had been published in and was based on a series of radio programs that Dunn had written in the s. John Travis: There were 29 different radio shows that became 29 chapters. But the concept of a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimension to health was just totally amazing to me.

And this was a guy who had founded the U.

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Department of Vital Statistics and zex it for 25 years and he was nearing retirement when he coined the term high-level wellness, which was the title of his book. And he put all these things together and it blew my mind. For most Americans it was a first encounter with a word that today has become commonplace.

John Travis said he had to spell out the word when talking to people on the phone. But the idea of wellness was catching on in America, or at least the word was. By the s there were hundreds of wellness centers in hospitals and retreats with the word wellness in their title.

— Wellness: Knowing Yourself

At that point, I almost stopped using the word wellness because it had been dumbed down so badly and it still is for the most part. Walter Isaacson: John Travis is clearly critical of much of what passes for wellness these days. Andy Lee: Well, mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, to your present moment experience with an attitude of openness and curiosity. He was the first person in America to carry that title at a major corporation.

Andy Lee says a more mindful employee is one that is more focused, less distracted and better at listening and building relationships.

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Andy Lee: All these skills really help us to be more effective throughout the day and not only to be more effective, but to manage our stress and anxiety more effectively to cultivate and maintain a sense of emotional balance and mental clarity. Walter Isaacson: Andy Lee, like many chqt who conduct mindfulness workshops is a graduate of an eight-week program called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

It was started in by Dr. Andy Lee: Jon Kabat-Zinn went to India to learn about Eastern contemplative practices and found them to be very helpful to him personally and also at a spiritual level.

And he really wanted to create a way that people could discover these benefits for themselves without necessarily committing to a spiritual path, to offer these tools and these practices in a secular way so vhat it could really help anyone to manage the stress and the challenges of day-to-day life. And that really had not been done before.

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And he put together a program, an eight-week program that is still the gold standard for teaching mindfulness and meditation. Its therapeutic benefits have been widely accepted within the medical community. Participants are taught how they can be mindful or focused on cat moment, whatever they are doing, mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful working. Mindfulness is a state of awareness that you can cchat bring into any moment if you choose to. And meditation is more like an exercise.

Walter Isaacson: Meditation is that the core of the modern wellness movement. Ariel Garten: My name is Ariel Garten.

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I was always curious about meditation and I was trained as a neuroscientist, so I understood all of the benefits of meditation and how it impacts the brain. And then I was practicing as a psychotherapist and meditation was really one of the frontline approaches to dealing with anxiety and trauma. I would be teaching my patients to meditate, meanwhile I would be struggling at meditation myself.

Sexx might think that meditation is something that comes naturally. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream as the Beatles famously sang. And some people can just do that, but not everyone.

Ariel Garten: We all know that meditation is good for you but meditation yuest actually really hard to do. The movie was screened at the Cannes Festival in the spring ofbut was banned in Nabil Ayouch's homeland Morocco. The audience enter the house just like punters enter the cul-de-sacs of Sidi Abdallah Guech.

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