Have you ever wondered how to do military time conversion to your local time? Do you know why military time exists in the first place? There is a very interesting story behind this phenomenon that happened in 1941. Know more about the military time chart and the history from one of our articles.  Military Time Conversion has been the latest trend in the modern world since all the machines are now working under this trend.

During earlier times, when people when not working around the clock, the conversion of time into AM and PM hours was applicable.

Military Time Conversion

Later, people were trying to adjust their daily life to the 24hour span of the day. Various 8hour shifts have been created and the necessity to invent a new military time conversion has become apparent on a global basis.

No matter, if you are in the Americas, in Europe or in Asia the time passes equally for all of you. The traditional division of time from morning to evening hours was not useful anymore for multiple reasons. People also look for information related to the navy. An interesting viral video on navy seal copypasta has gone viral. You shall get more idea about the navy. The morning was the time that people were supposed to be more creative while evening has traditionally been the time when people gathered together and rested.

Having these in mind lets see what this conversion of time has offered to multiple sectors of public life and even more.

Uses of the Military Time Conversion in Modern Life

Modern life has many applications where the military time conversion would be easier and more prominent to follow than the traditional time system.

  • Hospitals and health care centers. Due to the huge workload and the precision needed in the operation rooms, there is a great need for military time conversion patterns. Birth and death certificates require more time precision and that is why you need to offer military hours to officers. Nurses and physicians are also required to calculate the exact time when drugs are getting administered to patients and the military time is the safest way to get there.
  • Automotive industry. Modern automotive manufacturers are producing cars in greater factories where the use of robots is apparent in many stages of the procedure. These robots are always operating using military time which can define the exact time when the various parts are about to be assembled. It can give the production line a precision never experienced before.
  • Retail fuel industry. This is another aspect of modern business where the military time has given the solution to a variety of problems. First, pumps are equipped with motherboards and CPUs that control the flow of fuel to the cars and trucks so that the exact volume is delivered. Not to mention, that there is no chance fuels can be delivered worldwide without the use of military time since the countries producing crude oil are usually thousands of miles away from the countries which are actually consuming it.
  • Stock markets and financial brokers. This is another sensitive part of the worldwide financial system since military time can give the exact timeframes when the money is going to be invested in stock markets around the globe. Without the use of the military hour, people would be extremely confused about the opening and closing times of stock markets around the world and investments could not be easily placed.

As you can see the many applications of military time conversion are enough to justify the reason for its dominance at a worldwide level.

military time conversion

Military Time Conversion

The easiest way to do military time conversion is to follow the below chart and convert your local time to military time. This should help user a lot. We have two different way to do the conversion

  • Military time chart table
  • Military time chart conversion excel

Convert Standard time to Military Time


Convert Military Time to Standard Time

Military Time Chart for Table

A tabular form of the military time is given below. You can quickly convert your local time to your military time.

12 Hour Clock (AM/PM) 24 Hour Military Time Clock
12:00 am 0000
1:00 am 0100
2:00 am 0200
3:00 am 0300
4:00 am 0400
5:00 am 0500
6:00 am 0600
7:00 am 0700
8:00 am 0800
9:00 am 0900
10:00 am 1000
11:00 am 1100
12:00 pm 1200
1:00 pm 1300
2:00 pm 1400
3:00 pm 1500
4:00 pm 1600
5:00 pm 1700
6:00 pm 1800
7:00 pm 1900
8:00 pm 2000
9:00 pm 2100
10:00 pm 2200
11:00 pm 2300
12:00 pm 2400

Military Time Chart Conversion Excel

The military time chart conversion excel file is very advanced. It is always good to have such excel file in the local system if you do not have access to the internet.

Download military chart excel

military time chart excel

Dangers of Military Time Conversion Misconceptions

There are cases when the military time can create some misconceptions. There are people living in rural areas that have never used this type of time measuring. Thus, when referring to them with the military time conversion there may be a gap in communication.

Additionally, churches and other religious authorities are against the adoption of military time. They are functioning primarily with the movement of the sun and this is why they are stuck in tradition in order to keep people fascinated by their beliefs.

Finally, there are groups of the population like the Amish who have never used a watch in their entire life. They form small communities across the country, and they have a special conception of time that has to do primarily by the position of the sun in the sky. In this aspect, the military time conversion has literally no use and can even produce false impressions on the person using it.

Most of the time, however, the military time conversion is resolving issues rather than complicating them. This is the reality.


Military time conversions receive higher esteem across people on a worldwide basis. Since its adoption right after the Second World War, the military time has been the world standard for accuracy and precision across the parties that set goals and appointments.

You must make sure that military time conversions are available to you no matter which type of business you are in. Being precise is one of the best values in business meetings and operations. Military time conversions can offer you more respect among your colleagues and promote a more professional way of doing business. After all, it’s time that matters the most!