Military Time Minutes – How to Calculate 24 Hours to Minutes

The military time is one of the most convenient ways of informing the time in armed forces and many other organizations like the Red Cross, Railways, etc. Usually, when the armed forces communicate certain details like their event or the next action that is going to take place at a particular time of the day there is a chance of getting wrong details due to the possibility of confusion.

For this reason, they have come up with the military time minutes that don’t have the AM or PM to be specified morning, noon and evening. So, whether you wish to write a document, one needs to communicate through a conversation and there is no chance to misplace the AM to PM and PM to AM.

By making this kind of mistake, it may be possible to misinterpret the time and miss their important meetings. You can also call the military time as the 24-hour time as well as the 24-hour clock. Here the system follows from 0-24, unlike the 0-12 time that you can see in standard time. Military Time Minutes

How to Convert Military Time into Minutes?

When you look at the standard time it’s written as 4:50 AM where the hours are separated from minutes through a colon and the time is followed by either AM or PM. Whereas in military time the hours and minutes are written together in the form of 0450 and it doesn’t have any colon to separate hours and minutes. Both the hours and minutes are written together in military time. So, while reading the time the hours and military time minutes are read together.

The military time minutes along with the hours will always have four digits like 0450 and 1123. The same when converted to standard time it will be in 3 digits or four digits like 4:50 AM and 11:23 AM.

But it is when the given standard time is in PM then it is differently calculated in military time. Suppose you have 10:30 PM standard time then to get your military time you need to remove colon and PM and add 12 to given time. So, 10:30 PM in military time read as 2130 hours.

When the standard time is more than 12:00 PM one should just add the number 12 to the hour’s place without touching the minute’s place. This will convert 7: 45 PM which is in standard time to 1945 in military time minutes.

Whenever you want to convert the military time to the standard time, the minutes will always remain the same. The only calculation or conversion, which you have to do, is with the hours. In order to calculate military time to minutes is very easy and simple. But what about to convert military time in minutes to Standard time? Just like this conversion, the contrary conversion is also very easy.

Military Time Minutes Converter to Standard Time

When the military time is less than 1200 then you just need to write it in the format of XX: XX and can add AM after the time. For example, 0945 military times is written at 9:45 AM at the regular time. But when the military time is greater than 1200 for example 1630 military time the standard time for this time is (1630-1200)4:30 PM then write it in the form of XX: XX and add PM after time.

So, as you can see that the minutes will remain the same and it’s only the hours that keep changing when you convert military time minutes to standard time and vice versa.

How to Write Military Time with Minutes?

Regular Time Minutes Military Time Minutes
0 0
1 0.02
2 0.03
3 0.05
4 0.07
5 0.08
6 0.1
7 0.11
8 0.13
9 0.15
10 0.17
11 0.18
12 0.2
13 0.21
14 0.23
15 0.25
16 0.27
17 0.28
18 0.3
19 0.31
20 0.33
21 0.35
22 0.37
23 0.38
24 0.4
25 0.41
26 0.43
27 0.45
28 0.47
29 0.48
30 0.5
31 0.51
32 0.53
33 0.55
34 0.57
35 0.58
36 0.6
37 0.61
38 0.63
39 0.65
40 0.67
41 0.68
42 0.7
43 0.71
44 0.73
45 0.75
46 0.77
47 0.78
48 0.8
49 0.81
50 0.83
51 0.85
52 0.87
53 0.88
54 0.9
55 0.91
56 0.93
57 0.95
58 0.97
59 0.98
60 1.0

Military Time Minutes and Seconds

It’s very rare that people might get to see the minutes which is more than 59. In this kind of situation, the time will be expressed using decimal hours and hundredths of an hour and not in the military time. Some may develop doubt whether the midnight is written in the form of 0000 or 2400.

The emergency and military service personnel consider the midnight in either of the ways. But in most cases, it is expressed as 0000 by the concerned authorities.

But when you look at the computer equipment, clocks or digital watches will consider the starting of their new day from 0000. However, military time is always written in a 4-digit format, different professionals may write military time in different ways. Most of the military, hospitals, emergency services will write the military time in the form of hours and minutes without using any colon and they always use hours in the end as their format.

Example: 1331 hours or 1331. If they need to specify the second’s digit then they will include colons like 1331:42 or 13: 31:42 hours.

You can also refer our 24 hour clock converter article to convert military time to standard time vice versa by using a tool.

Military Time in Minutes

Here in the case of military time, one need not convert while going from one kind of time system to another. As minutes, it only till 59 you can directly take it in whichever time system you are using.

The military time minutes are widely used to express time in various sectors like emergency services like fire fighting, law enforcement, paramedics, military, hospitals, and several other entities. The main difference between the regular time and the military time is that by the way hours are expressed.

When you look at the military time it is numbered from 00-23. As the military time just needs, the 2- digit number to express 24 hours of the day there is no need to use any AM or PM, unlike the regular time hours.

Several online sources can provide you with conversion options with the help of which you can now convert either the military time to the regular time or the regular time to the military.

However, it’s very easy and simple to convert and calculate military time minutes, if you aren’t able to then you can go for the online time conversion options that are available for free. When you look at the regular and the military time both use the same number of minutes for each hour and both of them use the minutes in the same way. In military minutes, there is no need to convert the minutes to seconds or the other.

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