Navy Seal Copypasta: What is Navy Seal Copypasta?

There is an interesting story behind the navy seal copypasta. YouTube has set a buzz around the world. Military people in the USA are top grade people and you never want to mess with them. A trained army people are more dangerous and resourceful compared to citizens of the USA. Due to the abundant resource and network reach, it becomes easy for them to target anyone.

On a similar occasion, a conversation of military personnel to a normal citizen was recorded and which in turn got famous as Navy seal copypasta.

Introduction to Navy Seal Copypasta

It was a few years ago when YouTube has been flooded with new followers for the Navy Seal Copypasta video that has taken the market by storm. A group of Navy Seals heavily armored during their expedition in Asia, have decided to shoot a video about their missions there.

navy seal copypasta

The video has been created to have hilarious content and was sent primarily for the members of the Navy Seals’ families and friends. Lots of noise has been in there as well as the natural battle sound has been recorded with extreme care to reflect the battle conditions that the Navy Seals have been daily experiencing. Navy seal copypasta about the same experience they had. In case, if you keen about knowing the military personnel and how their routine is then you have come to the right place. Military personnel follows a rigid schedule and they have a different time called military time. You will get more ideas about military and navy seals on the website.

This video is coming up again to publicity since there are many people who wish to imitate their effort and start taking part of their fame and fortune. The monetization of this video has created a big fuss in the YouTube community. That is why we need to further analyze the situation.

Navy Seal Copypasta: A funny way to find emotional balance

When being deployed in the Middle East there are not many things to remind you that you are a human being having family back home. Being constantly among enemies of various ethnic and religious backgrounds you are in a continuous effort to be alerted. You literally sleep with your eyes opened to predict the unpredictable and survive. Watch an animated version of navy seal copypasta below (explicit language).

Under these harsh conditions, a group of brave Navy Seals that have been involved in a lot of battles decided to break the rules. They recorded a video where they were all having fun and singing when the battle is still happening around them. The navy seal copypasta video has given them the chance to express their feelings to the world and start feeling as normal human beings again.

Upon its release on YouTube, the community has engaged in its effort. Tons of messages have been thrown up to them to show their support to their call of duty for the country. The video has become viral and there were some comments needed further explanation for people that were involved. If you need explanation about the military time conversion, then we have covered several articles on the same topics so normal people can understand it easily.

Most of the Navy Seals have found the video to be emotional. They can also say that it gives a lot more endurance to the people creating it, by receiving all the support they can get from backers in their homeland.

However, there were some malicious persons especially in Reddit and other social media who were pretending to be someone else and left suspicious messages to the creators of the copypasta video.

Reality of copypasta unlawful attack on the creators

The creators of the video have soon received an unjustified attack about their actions on the battlefield. Those -so-called- pacifists were accusing them of massacres of innocent people in the battlefield that were supposed to be there unarmed.

navy seal copypasta video

This situation didn’t require a lot of effort to start becoming known to the rest of the public and a massive movement against the intruders has started to happen online. Soon enough operators have tried to find the real owners of the comments. They even began to search Facebook profiles to reveal the real identity of the persons that have thrown false allegations to the creators of the Navy Seals Copypasta videos.

The next stage has been to start exchanging threats that the creators of the video would be found and killed instantly in more than 700 ways bare armed, which has made the conversation to get banned from the operators. The real online battle has been launched and ever since there has not been a sign that the situation would improve in the recent future.

Latest improvements in the Navy Seal copypasta case

Last year, there has been a fake profile of an adolescent Mexican user called Richi Phelps who has tried to emit false allegations about the Navy Seals through his personal account. The Facebook operators have soon found that the profile has been registered to Facebook through an American-based server and started an investigation locally to find the real IP number and location of the owner.

Soon enough, the world has realized that the ongoing debate about the video had no actual interest and the story has entered the archives.


All modern battlefields, no matter how advanced the technology of battles has become involved a tremendous psychological pressure on the people involved. The Navy Seals Copypasta has been an effort to improve the mental health condition of people fighting away from their homeland being isolated from their beloved ones.

This effort has been massively dramatized by other people following them online, and it has been a matter of days to become viral to American society. As you can see most of the people are voting in favor of the Navy Seals Copypasta who are the real heroes of the modern American sentiment.

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